The Future IT is not about coding

8 April 2019

The series of articles about our beloved residents continues, and this time we are happy to introduce you…drum rolls…the biggest team we have at iHUB — Zeroqode, that started as Bubblewits.


If you think that in order to make an app you need lines of code, then you are wrong, my friend. And our residents from Zeroqode are ready to prove how it is done and maybe help you out with an amazing product based on your needs.


Zeroqode team uses a variety of no-code tools, primarily the framework to help customers reach their goals as fast as possible. All applications are created by professional designers retrained to work directly in Bubble.

Vlad Larin and Levon Terteryan

Zeroqode is the next level of your happiness. Let’s just say Zeroqode created your personal boutique of no-code templates that cater to the needs of any site or app your imagination can project. Functionality & design — those are two corner stones they lean on in the development process.


Success doesn’t always come easy. At first, Levon Terteryan, the founder of Bubblewits, invested 50k in an app but he later found out that he could get to the same results, but for free. Read his story here. Even though it wasn’t a successful investment, it was a useful experience for the growth of the startup he owns now. The skills he acquired over time surely came in handy as Zeroqode team now manages to work at 20–30 projects at the same time, having clients all over the world.


They started working at iHUB as a team of four, and they’ve grown the team to 22 no-code magicians and are still planning to expand their team up to 40 employees. More bubbles of joy in our hub, and we couldn’t be happier…


The Zeroqode team has a rich organizational culture. In order to bring employees closer to each other and encourage good teamwork and communication, they pull themselves out of the office and organize team-buildings once every few months, so they can spend more time together in a non-working environment.




Another fact that adds bonus points to their level of coolness, is that they focus more on someone’s potential than previous experience. The youngest member of their team started his journey in the startup when he was 17 years old. They train every team member in order to work with the Bubble platform they use. The co-founder of Zeroqode, Vlad Larin, told us how different are the personalities of each employee, and because of that, the working process is very productive as they get to know different points of view, which encourages them to be more open minded.


We admire how people oriented they are and their awareness of the fact that caring about your employees reflects on the general well-being and successful development of your company.


As a coworking space that tries continuously to improve its standards, we have a lot to learn from the Zeroqode team.