iHUB Chisinau, two years on duty building a community

8 April 2019

We opened our doors in 2016, since then, we had 116 residents, we hosted 289 events and 3228 people came at least once to our co-working space.


Besides numbers, we tried to organize internal projects and events that are mostly oriented towards bringing a positive impact to the community formed inside and outside of our co-working space. Let’s go through our journey.


We think that books are a great value of every co-working space because they encourage our community to keep on learning. Also, it’s always a pleasure to see new people coming for a coffee and a book. Thanks for it to our partner Ellation Moldova. You can find the complete list of titles from the iHUB Library here.


I think you guys know how hard is it to impress an IT guy. That’s why we strive to be on track with trends in the industry by organizing Seminars, Crash Courses and Office Hours on different topics as Internet of Things, Freelance in IT, Business Intelligence, UX Design, How a startup collaborates with the local press, Legal Consultancy and others. At these events, we invite experienced speakers, who sometimes happen to be our residents.


Have you ever felt that your working space is becoming more and more like your second home? iHUB Chisinau tries to not be the place where people come only for work. That’s why we often organize cultural and relaxing events, where everyone is welcomed. From time to time, we fill our co-working space walls with art by organizing Art Exhibitions. In this way, we support local artists and create a special atmosphere in our hub, where creativity is always on its duty. You may ask yourself, why would a co-working space organize art exhibitions? No worries, we will make sure to write a specific article on our blog about it.


Our community has another beautiful tradition. As we have a tennis table, we use to organize Table Tennis Tournaments on Saturdays where the winners get special prizes from our partners Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery. We even created an iHUB table tennis community, and we are happy to be the place where friends meet for a play.


Beside art and sports, it’s been over a year since we started hosting Anime Screening Nights co-organized with our partners Ellation Moldova, or movie marathons. We always enjoy the time spent watching a good movie or debating about it :) and eating snacks in a good company.


During these two years, we became friends with a lot of organizations, sharing the same goals as us, and we’ve been offering our support to several events, 144 to be more specific.