How a Moldovan startup helps BMW and Stanford University on their Social Media campaigns

8 April 2019

Hello, dear friend. How have you been lately? We are good and exciting about winter holidays. But also happy to introduce you to another cool startup working in our space. (drum rolls…) In this article we are talking about Planable.


Planable is a team of seven people who are working hard to grow their startup. Recently, their Cofounder and CEO, Xenia Muntean was included in Forbes Top 100 Women Founders in Europe. The technical part of the team, is the one working in our space while the business & marketing team is in Romania. They are the ones always playing tennis, coming to all of our parties and one of their team member almost convinced us to join him to latino dance class. :)


It all started around three years ago, when Nicu, Xenia, and Vlad participated at Startup Weekend Moldova. The path their idea grew was hard and yet, very ambitious. After winning the Startup Weekend Moldova, the team was invited to Cluj, Romania at Spherik Accelerator. While in Cluj, they participated at StartUp Avalanche at Techsylvania, where they won the first place as well, and we are not even surprised. As a prize for the first place, Planable had a trip to San Francisco in Silicon Valley.


After coming back to Romania, Planable applied to different seed accelerators. They made it to Techstars and were in London for about four months where their main goal was networking and making connections with potential clients. A considerable investment of $120,000 from Techstars was a push for their startup growth.


So what is Planable about?


There are half a million media agencies in the world and millions of social media managers. The final content usually has to be approved by many members of the company in order to make sure it will have the best results. That makes the process tedious and it takes a long time to be complete. Like all startups, they came up with a solution to a problem that wasn’t just at a local level but at a worldwide scale. What did planable do to make it easier?


Planable team launched a platform where you can create and have a perfect pixel preview of the content so you won’t lose time on photoshop mockups, trying to make a preview of the final posts. Imagine you are the marketing manager of one of the biggest companies in the global market. That would be cool, wouldn’t it? :) You have the content that will be published on social media platforms in order to promote your product for the next month, but you have no idea how this will look on your timeline and the communication process with your team is a total disaster.


The startup aims to make the communication between marketing teams and marketing agencies more efficient as they work on promotion campaigns. Now you can use Planable for your social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


One of their goals is to have big companies as clients, and they are doing really great so far. Some of their clients are well known companies, such as BMW, Volkswagen, Motorola, Stanford University, Eset and many others.


Planable is another example that the startup field in Moldova has big potential and it’s constantly growing. We, as a community, are very proud to be those who offer not only a place to work, but also support in their activity.