Hi! We are iHUB Chisinau, nice to meet you

8 April 2019

Hello and welcome to our medium blog where we’re goint to regularly post the coolest articles from now on (at least we’ll try). But first of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are iHUB Chisinau, maybe you know us or maybe you’re wondering what in the world is iHUB. Either way, we’re going to walk you through everything you should know about us.


iHUB Chisinau is a co-working space for startups and freelancers, which means that right when you walk inside our lovely space you meet a bunch of awesome people who try to seem very busy working at their macbooks.


At iHUB Chișinău we are developing an ecosystem of innovative startups. We work on a variety of projects that raise the quality of skills in young innovators and strengthen the social and economic potential in our country. iHUB team is focused on HealthTech, FinTech, Sport Games, Arts/Culture and Cleantech.


Besides that, we are also hosting and organizing events with and for the IT startup communities, this way providing the necessary support for the development of this field (#cool). Also, we have a library with books about business development and design, IT, marketing etc., which was created with the support of our partners Ellation Moldova.




Something we are proud of, just after our coffee machine, is our residents (and they didn’t even pay us to say this).


The biggest team that works here is the Zeroqode startup and one thing we can surely say about them is that they are like bubble of joy, sometimes like a bubble of noise, but those are unimportant details.


They started as a team of 4 people and now they’ve grown to 20 and still planning to expand the team to 40 members from October 2018. Also, they are making apps without using any line of code, just using the drag and drop tool. Can you imagine that?


Another startup is Planable. They are an interesting platform that helps the users to organize and plan their social media activity. So if you need help on your SMM campaign or just to know how to post those nice memes so you’ll get the most likes, check out Planable. Also they have their own blog that you might enjoy.


We think that a place is represented best by the people and not the space as a product, therefore we are very proud of every resident that is a part of iHUB. We will introduce each of them to you after they bribe us with some cookies so we’ll write only the nice things (just kidding, but we like chocolate cookies btw).


Now, we would like to introduce some of our freelancers. The first one is a lovely lady that never skips a day at work, literally never. Her name is Auricaand she’s a proffy in retouching and editing photos. She has a huge experience in working with famous local and international brands, but if Aurica gets a break, we know we’ll have one too.


Another one is Anatolie, he runs his own start up named Lightcyphers. His team is also the biggest contributor to the OpenStreetMap data base. We are already preparing a cool article about this topic, so be patient. The interesting thing about Anatolie is that he’s the first one arriving at work. So Anatolie is opening the hub, and Aurica is closing it.


Oh, almost forgot to mention about our fish that we deeply love. They are witnessing the most secret meetings and they are the first hearing about cool innovative ideas. But they are very good at keeping secrets, so you have no chance.


Hopefully we made you interested in our hub and we convinced you to press that „follow” button. Feel free to contact us on our Facebook page if you have questions. See you soon.